WordPress Entwickler und Experte Florian Salman
Florian Salman, WordPress developer

Experienced WordPress developer from Munich

Florian Salman - Your WordPress developer from Munich in the field of development and programming in WordPress and WooCommerce


Customized further and new development

I create specialized WordPress solutions, such as websites by design, product configurators and dynamic contact forms that go beyond standard features. Anything is possible.

Integration of complex plugins

Specializing in the integration of complex plugins such as membership portals and ERP connectors in WordPress, I offer tailor-made solutions for automated business processes and an optimized user experience.

Performance optimization

A fast website is essential for user experience and SEO. I optimize loading times, reduce server requests and implement solutions to make your website extremely powerful.

WooCommerce integration & customization

The success of an online store lies in the user experience. Specializing in WooCommerce, I design your store to be functional, user-friendly and appealing.

Care & long-term support

A website is never really “finished”; it requires continuous maintenance and updates. I offer long-term support that includes regular security updates, bug fixes and performance optimizations. This keeps your website up-to-date and secure at all times.

About Florian Salman

As an experienced WordPress developer from Munich, I focus on technical customizations for corporate websites and online stores. With a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Munich and years of experience as an online store developer, I have been self-employed as a WordPress developer since 2018.

I am active in the WordPress community and have a wide range of clients, from agencies to online stores and corporate websites.

My team and I developed the WP Bug Detector plugin in 2023. It automatically searches for errors on your website, especially after updates, by taking screenshots andanalyzing them using visual regression .

Als WordPress Experte im Support 2023 beim WordCamp Austria
Florian Salman as WordPress programmer at the WordCamp Community Event

My skills

CSS, Javascript & PHP
Pagebuilder (Elementor & Divi)
WordPress plugin programming & Gutenberg
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World of wonders

Well-known in the field of education and entertainment. As a WordPress freelancer, I helped move the extensive Metaverse milc.
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Kunde United Games Logo

United Games

Top-class publisher of the world's best games. As WordPress developers, we have converted landing pages for game promotions to Elementor-based templates.
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Kunde Microtech Logo


As a manufacturer of ERP systems, Microtech stands for quality. We developed a comprehensive WordPress product configurator to help you find the right product.
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Kunde Bianca Zapatka Logo

Bianca Zapatka

The German pioneer in the vegan cooking scene. My role as a WordPress developer is to continuously maintain and optimize the much-visited website.
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Kunde Fünf Höfe München Einkaufszentrum Logo

Five Courtyards Munich

The luxury shopping mile in Munich underwent a seamless relaunch. We moved the website from Typo3 to WordPress and kept the design.
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Kunde Talbot Runhof Logo

Talbot Runhof

A world-famous fashion manufacturer. As a WordPress expert, I ensure the smooth functioning of WordPress-specific websites.
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Kunde Ringnaturshop Logo


Your health department store on the Internet. WordPress support and continuous development of the extensive online store characterize my work as a WordPress freelancer.
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Kunde ProsiebenSat1 Logo

ProsiebenSat.1 Media

As the largest private TV station in Germany, ProsiebenSat.1 stands for entertainment. My support as a WordPress programmer was used for the relaunch of various WordPress-related websites.

Customer testimonials

Hendrick Schrandt, Head of Marketing microtech GmbH
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I can warmly recommend Florian. He has created a customized price configurator for our website that goes far beyond the possibilities of standard plug-ins. The collaboration with Florian was and still is perfect. It is fast, reliable and uncomplicated. He has a keen understanding of our challenges and I was able to turn a design idea into a functioning configurator that brings real added value to our customers. I am more than satisfied with the result and look forward to continuing to work with Florian in the future. Five well-deserved stars!
Simon Wohlleb, Managing Director of Weltraum PR- & Kommunikationsagentur GmbH
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I've been working with Florian since the end of 2017. Starting as "I need a WordPress website for my idea", the whole thing transformed into a real company with headquarters, employees and various traffic channels. Florian has not only supported us in this transformation over the years - he was / is always there with his comprehensive expertise when we need him. Even with increasing complexity... it is delivered. Always... and "just in time". I am happy to have one of the most talented, friendly and resourceful WordPress consultants of our time as a service provider and friend. A clear recommendation!
Robert Schlee, Online Shop Operator
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Florian has done a great job for our site "artingyou"! Among other things, he took care of the pagespeed optimization of our site. Since then, everything has been running like clockwork. I can recommend him without reservation and we are very pleased that he looks after our site professionally.

Case studies

In this case study, I present comparatively complex projects that I have been able to implement in the past. Don't worry - your project doesn't have to meet the same level of complexity or effort.

Together with a Munich-based organizer, we created a trade fair platform that had online events with numerous interaction options, such as chat, surveys and server-based user tracking, hosted on Amazon AWS.

In one project, I was asked to create a highly complex, multi-page form for employee applications. The form contained several variables that had a significant influence on the course of the subsequent contact form pages. Thanks to excellent planning and outstanding implementation, we were able to complete the project to 100% customer satisfaction within just two revisions.

For a major client, we implemented an internal WordPress instance for communication between employees in the company. The platform is used to exchange news and messages within the company.

For htmlheld.de we designed and developed a ticketing system that runs within the WordPress environment. In this support system developed for users, tickets can be created via email, invoices and the respective status of the order can be processed and viewed.

Frequently used tools

Frequently asked questions

Choosing the right WordPress plugin depends on the specific requirements of your website. It is important to check the ratings, up-to-dateness and compatibility of the plugin and possibly try out a test version.

The speed of a website can be improved by reducing loading times, optimizing images and using caching methods. It also makes sense to remove unnecessary code and use content delivery networks (CDNs).

The choice of WordPress page builder depends on your individual needs. Elementor is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and versatile widgets. Divi offers a high degree of customizability and is ideal for design-oriented projects. Gutenberg, the default WordPress editor, is good for simple layouts and provides a solid foundation for development.

The choice of WordPress page builder depends on your individual needs. Elementor is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and versatile widgets. Divi offers a high degree of customizability and is ideal for design-oriented projects. Gutenberg, the default WordPress editor, is good for simple layouts and provides a solid foundation for development.

WordPress support usually includes regular updates, security checks, backups and fixing technical problems. Performance optimization, SEO adjustments and content updates can also be part of the service.

Individual solutions in WordPress

Frequent requests

Looking for a WordPress developer?

I work with companies and agencies and look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a detailed list of the most common tasks

Wanted: WordPress Webdesigner

Web design is the complete process from the idea of a website to its visual and technical implementation. The initial state differs greatly from job to job.

Some customers already have a very clear idea of what they want – sometimes even a fully developed design in Photoshop – while others are still at the very beginning and the idea of the website is still in its infancy. The structure and content are still being worked out together.

As a web design freelancer, it is therefore necessary to think outside the box, because: Website web design combines creativity, logic and experience in the form of design, programming and SEO.

Tasks of a web designer

The tasks of the web design freelancer (also applies to every WordPress agency) generally include:

  • Structuring and supporting the development of content
  • Creative website design with responsive support for all end devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Exact programming and implementation of the design according to the WordPress Codex (Attention: Many WordPress freelancers and implement websites in such a way that they cannot be edited by the customer afterwards. However, I pay particular attention to this in my implementations).
  • Integration of potentially more complex, additional features through plugins and code extensions (newsletter, cookie plugins, etc.)
  • Adaptation of all technically relevant SEO aspects (e.g. fast page, correct meta tags, “secure page” through SSL, etc.)

WordPress web design for every budget

WordPress is the perfect framework for web designers to work with. Depending on the budget and customer requirements, any type of website can be realized.

For small budgets , WordPress offers numerous ready-made templates, which are then customized by me and are quickly ready for use. With the right eye and the right experience, you can find the right theme for your brand. Disadvantage: Fine adjustments are not possible. This procedure is only recommended for small projects.

For medium to large budgets: Customized WordPress theme according to your needs. When programming, I make sure that all your wishes are integrated and that your website can still be maintained and expanded for future adaptations.

Wanted: Online store solution / WooCommerce programmer

WordPress offers a solid solution for e-commerce with WooCommerce. I won’t go into the advantages and disadvantages of WooCommerce here. The fact is: although the solution is solid, the website is a long term solution and without a competent freelancer at hand, it is at a loss. It starts with the setup of the online store, the fine-tuning of all store pages (product detail page, product archive, shopping cart, checkout, etc.), continues with things like email and invoice dispatch via GDPR-compliant adjustments and ends with extensions used specifically for the store, which are not available to buy and are therefore programmed by me by hand. But once again in order and from the beginning:

Tasks of a WooCommerce programmer

In any case, the WooCommerce developer’s tasks and area of expertise include

  • Design customization of all WooCommerce specific elements
  • Advice on plugin selection for the online store, e.g. for payment methods, linking with merchandise management or accounting, features for product variations, Ajaxx searches, etc. (the possibilities are endless!)
  • Extension and programming of new WooCommerce functionalities according to (very important!) the official WooCommerce documentation.
  • Setting up really reliable security and backup measures, as well as WordPress hardening (very rarely done, although you risk very high penalties if you are hacked)
  • Advice on GDPR-compliant adaptation (please note: no legal or legally binding advice!)
  • …et cetera. The list is even longer and would get out of hand here. Contact me with your request. I will be happy to help you!

Do you need support with your online store?

Wanted: WordPress freelancer for marketing/design agency

Many agencies offer their customers a 360 degree online solution. In both large and small companies, special or rarely used skills are outsourced. For marketing and design agencies, this is often the creation of a website.

If the agency’s core competence lies outside of website creation, it is all the more important for the WordPress freelancer to work efficiently and competently. It is not uncommon for many events to be linked to website creation. This makes it all the more important to meet deadlines and program with foresight.

Tasks as a freelancer supporting an agency

  • Competent support and advice for the agency
  • Fast, thoughtful and timely work
  • Leave no questions unanswered
  • Working from the background

Are you an agency? I will be happy to support you with your request.

Wanted: WordPress developer for plugin creation

WordPress is based on the concept of modular plugins. A 3rd party plugin is used for every new functionality on a website.

However, it is not uncommon to find a plugin for your desired feature – but it has either not been developed for years or it is part of an oversized plugin with far too much functionality that goes beyond the scope (keyword: website loading time and security)

Tasks of a plugin programmer in WordPress

  • Extensive research for existing, suitable plugins for the desired feature
  • If there is none: exact specification of the desired feature
  • Implementation of the plugin using PHP/JS and according to the WordPress Codex
  • Testing and checking for security vulnerabilities
  • Debriefing with customers about possible maintenance of the plugin for WordPress updates

Wanted: Website Optimization & SEO

Especially when using WordPress, I often see it: Over 20 installed plugins, no optimized images and open security gaps to the WordPress backend. This not only has an impact on website performance, but also on SEO.

Customers who have slow websites often think that this is due to WordPress. That is not true. You can create very fast websites with WordPress. You just have to know how.

There are many things that your WordPress developer may have forgotten to optimize when creating your website. This can be anything: no backups, no meta tags, no optimized images, no caching, etc.

Tasks for website optimization

  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • Optimize website speed
  • Check and optimize SEO tags
  • Find and close security gaps
  • Create backups
  • etc. – the list is very long and different for every customer

Contact us

I look forward to your inquiry!
I look forward to your inquiry. We would be happy to discuss a joint implementation. I will reply within 24 hours on weekdays.