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“My goal is a life I do not need a vacation from.” – Instagram wisdom

Florian Salman - WordPress Programmierer und Freelancer mit Herz

Hi, I’m Florian!
Passionate Developer and WordPress Programmer with Heart . At the Technical University of Munich, I studied Computer Science: Games Engineering. Keywords: C ++, Java, Unity and DirectX. In addition, I worked at Catbird Seat, a well-known Munich online marketing agency and learned a lot about SEO. For me, love at first sight! I have already programmed several websites and have done onpage SEO (search engine optimization) for Google, Bing and other search engines. When I found the Webdevelopment guys at Iconparc in Munich, I brought my skills as a web programmer to a master level. The company develops complex online shops for its customers, far more complex than finished frameworks such as Shopify ever bring. My Javascript and CSS knowledge came into the professional league. I really learned a lot here. Then I specialized in WordPress Theme and Plugin Development. In the meantime, WordPress is my daily bread in all its ways.

It is even easier today than at the time creating a professional and at the same time original website. Many use tools like Wix to click their website together. And usually that looks okay too. But if you really want to stand out, if you love details, want to develop your creativity , if you want to have really good SEO, ie high rankings on Google and Bing and not just with 08/15-hat Everyone is satisfied with solutions, then someone who knows and thinks along need. I want to help you realize your vision!

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Write me with your request. I am looking forward to your mail!

Your WordPress programmer with heart,
Florian Salman


Why I use WordPress and love it

  • Everything is possible: As a programmer or web designer you can customize the complete code.
  • Easy to use: ; Existing themes significantly reduce programming time. You can choose from a gigantic assortment of existing, inexpensive, but also professional WordPress themes.
  • Independence: Since WordPress is well-known as a web framework, a programmer or web designer can read the code of its predecessor comparatively quickly in the future, once the project has been completed. You stay completely independent – if you want – and can easily change the web designer at any time.
  • Better SEO: Search engine optimization is much easier. For example, page load times can be reduced much more easily by customizing the code.


Onpage SEO optimizations

For each new page I optimize the website for search engines – in the form of so-called on-page optimization.

Creative web design

You have to hang out to get noticed. Your website is your calling card and the first port of call for many customers.

Extension to Responsive Webdesign

The year 2017 was the first in which more users worldwide have accessed the Internet via their mobile phone than through the computer. What does your page look like on […]

Creation of professional websites

In close contact with each other, I implement your ideas for the website reliably and quickly. We’ll fine-tune your ideas and turn them into virtual reality.

Website revision

Do you have an existing website – and would like to upgrade it? I help you to work out your internet presence. Together, we pinpoint the problems and design solutions.

Competent support

Ask me everything! Through my experience as a web developer and in online marketing, I want to help you turn your vision into reality.

Reference: Matija

A website for a band

My very first project, built entirely from 0 to myself, was for our band “Matija”. Here I have learned to work with various frameworks. Especially the library bootstrap had done to me. This makes responsive web design very easy. If you have a website: Do you already use the framework bootstrap, or a similar?

Website: http://matija.world

Komplett ohne Framework programmiert

Reference: Weltraumagentur

A collective of Wikipedia authors

Fresh and new is the space agency from Munich. Wikipedia authors have joined forces to make laypersons publish a Wikipedia article. The website is based on a WordPress theme. I still had to make some adjustments. For example, there was the relevance check, a contact form that accepts various conditions and accordingly sends an individualized e-mail to the operator of the website. But also from the aspect of design, it was very important to me to be interesting, relaxed and original, but at the same time serious and professional.

Website: http://weltraumagentur.marketing

Wikipedia Autoren machen sich für Unternehmen stark.

Reference: The Vegan Foodblogger

The Foodblog

As a food blog, I have used WordPress as a basis for this website again. There was a recipe function that I implemented (in the form of a WordPress plug-in), which made it easy to create recipes in a separate input mask. In addition, there are several other functions that could indicate the level of difficulty and the preparation complexity. These values were then dynamically displayed in “hover” effects for posts. CSS, Javascript and the WordPress framework went hand in hand. The blog is still in progress, but with the permission of the customer, it may already be listed here. The potential of this blog is great. – Who knows what the future holds!

Website: http://www.veganaste.de

Ein Foodblog, der mit Wordpress erstellt wurde.

Excursus: Composer Metronome

An Android app: Composer Metronome

On the other hand, I’m passionate about programming apps for myself. Playing drums, I recently programmed an app, the Composer Metronome, which lets you play complex bars. Currently the app is in beta mode, so in a closed test phase. I invite you to check with us the app on heart and kidney, before it will come to the Google Play Store! Write me an e-mail.

Eine App, die für Android programmiert wurde


Florian Salman München 80939 Möslweg 3a
+49 173 8988488