Florian Salman WordPress Freelancer aus München
Florian Salman, WordPress freelancer from Munich

WordPress freelancer from Munich

Hello! I am Florian Salman, WordPress freelancer with over 10 years of experience, WordPress community member and coding enthusiast - specialized in the development and programming of WordPress and WooCommerce. Let's work together to implement projects that are long-lasting and moving!

Florian Salman - WordPress freelancer for companies

As a specialized WordPress freelancer, I focus on providing custom programming solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your business. With in-depth technical know-how and specialized backend skills, I aim to deliver outstanding services that will delight you and your users.

My range of services includes the development of powerful online platforms, e-magazines and the implementation of complex API integrations and individual plugin development. Whether small or large projects, as a WordPress freelancer I am your ideal partner for all technical aspects of your web project.

My work is based on the principles of quality, sustainability, expertise and goal orientation. Through proactive commitment and specialized knowledge in WordPress programming, I have already won numerous customers at home and abroad. WordPress is not just a tool for me, it’s my main expertise.

My services as a WordPress freelancer

Webdesign - pixelperfekt

Whether in Elementor, Divi or Gutenberg – I create professional websites that are implemented exactly according to your design specifications. With an eye for detail, I make sure that every page is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. As a freelancer for WordPress, I only use best practices and state-of-the-art plugins and themes. My goal is to turn your vision into a fully functional website.

Programming and development

Whether advanced custom fields, functions.php extensions or something completely new – I offer specialized WordPress programming for individual functionalities. Whether it’s the development of customized plugins or themes, I have the expertise. My solutions are not only powerful, but also user-friendly and durable. I work closely with you to ensure that your website meets your exact requirements.

WooCommerce development

In collaboration with designers from my network (or with your design), I design and develop WooCommerce online stores that are tailored to your specific needs. From product integration to payment processing, I offer an all-round solution. As a WooCommerce specialist, I make sure that your store not only looks good, but also works smoothly. I help you create an e-commerce experience that your customers will love.

Cooperation with agencies

Close cooperation with agencies enables the delivery of high-quality solutions. As an experienced freelancer, additional value is added to each project, acting as an extension of the agency team. Flexibility, reliability and up-to-dateness with regard to technological trends are a matter of course.

Support and maintenance

Comprehensive support and maintenance for WordPress websites cover everything from minor customizations to regular updates. This ensures that the website is always up to date. As a personal WordPress consultant, the service is just a phone call or email away. The main goal is the optimal performance of the website.

Do you have a project? Feel free to write to me with your request!


World of wonders

Well-known in the field of education and entertainment. As a WordPress freelancer, I helped move the extensive Metaverse milc.
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Kunde United Games Logo

United Games

Top-class publisher of the world's best games. As WordPress developers, we have converted landing pages for game promotions to Elementor-based templates.
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Kunde Microtech Logo


As a manufacturer of ERP systems, Microtech stands for quality. We developed a comprehensive WordPress product configurator to help you find the right product.
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Kunde Bianca Zapatka Logo

Bianca Zapatka

The German pioneer in the vegan cooking scene. My role as a WordPress developer is to continuously maintain and optimize the much-visited website.
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Kunde Fünf Höfe München Einkaufszentrum Logo

Five Courtyards Munich

The luxury shopping mile in Munich underwent a seamless relaunch. We moved the website from Typo3 to WordPress and kept the design.
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Kunde Talbot Runhof Logo

Talbot Runhof

A world-famous fashion manufacturer. As a WordPress expert, I ensure the smooth functioning of WordPress-specific websites.
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Kunde Ringnaturshop Logo


Your health department store on the Internet. WordPress support and continuous development of the extensive online store characterize my work as a WordPress freelancer.
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Kunde ProsiebenSat1 Logo

ProsiebenSat.1 Media

As the largest private TV station in Germany, ProsiebenSat.1 stands for entertainment. My support as a WordPress programmer was used for the relaunch of various WordPress-related websites.
5 + years
Years of experience as a developer
5 + projects
WordPress projects managed
5 + coffee
Cups of coffee drunk at work

Case studies

For a better understanding of my specialization, you will find selected case studies here.

For many of my clients, I offer monthly long-term support for small and large customizations, as well as for technical maintenance (updates, troubleshooting, emergencies).

This gives them a permanent partner who takes care of all their WordPress problems and implements customizations directly without lengthy preliminary discussions.

As a WordPress freelancer, I am often asked by marketing agencies to help out in the background with the more technically demanding tasks. The collaboration therefore usually extends over several projects.

In the rarest of cases, it remains a WordPress project. This results in a long collaboration between me as a WordPress freelancer and the marketing agency.

Originally in a different framework, the website mietwagen-auskunft.de with over 900 subpages was recreated pixel-perfect for WordPress. The maintenance of the subpages has been sensibly designed and is possible across all pages without coding knowledge.

A product configurator was to be created for thestars.de so that customers of the store could generate their own personal night sky.

A plugin was created here that generates a valid browser preview and a printable poster based on the user’s input and the integration of a dynamically generated night sky (also based on user input).

More than a dozen interfaces were planned for the corresponding platform in order to import the necessary data from various online stores uniformly and regularly and present it to the end customer for comparison.

Frequently used tools

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Frequently asked questions

With WordPress you can create blogs, company websites, online stores, membership platforms and much more. It offers a wide range of customization options through themes and plugins. The platform is flexible and suitable for various web projects.

Yes, WordPress is generally secure if regular updates are carried out and good security practices are followed. The use of security plugins and SSL certificates can further increase security.

Yes, WooCommerce is a popular and versatile e-commerce platform for WordPress. It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized online stores and offers numerous customization options through plugins and themes.

Updates for WordPress, themes and plugins are released regularly. It is recommended to check at least once a month whether updates are available to ensure security and functionality.

WordPress support usually includes regular updates, security checks, backups and fixing technical problems. Performance optimization, SEO adjustments and content updates can also be part of the service.

Quick guide for WordPress

We all know how busy the schedule can be. That's why I've put together a list of the most important tasks that you can do completely by yourself without a WordPress freelancer. The instructions are deliberately kept brief to save you time.

The following aspects should definitely be checked after every relaunch:

  1. Redirect old pages to new pages (301 redirects)

    Helpful plugin: 301 Redirects
  2. Set up SEO plugin and create/update sitemap

    Helpful plugin: Yoast
  3. Fill in meta description and meta title for all pages
  4. Check SSL certificate (HTTPS)

    Helpful tool: Ionos SSL Certificate Checker
  5. Set up Google Analytics (or other tracking tools)

    Helpful plugin: Google Sitekit
  6. Test mobile-friendliness and browser compatibility
    Helpful tool: Browserstack (testing on all device and browser types)
    Browserstack as a Chrome plugin
  7. Test contact forms and checkouts
  8. Optimize page load time

    Testing with Google Pagespeed

    Optimize with WP Rocket
  9. Insert favicon
  10. Activate backups

Helpful plugin: Updraft Plus

The server cache stores data on the server in advance in order to improve the loading times of the website. This cache is usually managed by a WordPress plugin and is automatically updated when changes are made to the website. If this does not happen, the cache must be cleared manually. As an administrator, you will find the corresponding option in the top navigation bar, often under names such as “Clear Cache”, “Purge Cache” or “Flush Cache” or directly in the settings of the caching plugin.

Attention: Two caching plugins do not have a double effect, but block each other and significantly reduce the website speed.

The selection of pagespeed plugins is diverse and expert opinions vary. Here are my recommendations:

Main recommendation: WP Rocket

  1. Server caching: Activated automatically when the plugin is installed.
  2. Lazy loading for images: Can be activated manually in the settings.
  3. Javascript defer and reload: Can also be activated manually, but be careful as errors may occur in individual cases.
  4. Content Delivery Network (CDN): Can be set up after the plugin installation.

Other recommended measures:

  1. Image size optimization with Imagify
  2. Ensure WordPress, themes and plugins are up to date
  3. Keep PHP version up to date

These measures form the basic framework for better page performance and are among the so-called “low-hanging fruits” in pagespeed optimization.

If you want to choose a WordPress plugin for commercial purposes, there are several criteria you should consider to ensure that the plugin is reliable, secure and efficient.

  1. Plugin up-to-dateness: Check when the plugin was last updated. A plugin that is updated regularly shows that the developer is active and fixes any security gaps or bugs promptly. If the plugin has been updated within the last month, this is a very good sign.
  2. Plugin support: Check how many support requests and how many responses there have been in the last month. At best, both figures are high.
  3. Active Installations: See how many other WordPress websites have the plugin installed. This figure should be as high as possible.
  4. Developer of the plugin: Take a look at who developed the plugin. A renowned company as a developer is often an indicator of higher quality and reliable support. Individuals can also develop excellent plug-ins, but a company is often more reliable in the long term for continuous support and further development.

Within a WordPress plugin, you can see the most important key figures here:

Recognize WordPress plugin popularity

There are many ways to translate WordPress, but my favorite in most cases is the plugin WPML. You can usually install it and set it up quickly so that you can translate 80% of the content yourself within a few minutes.

Advantages of WPML:

  • Clarity: WPML clearly shows which subpages have already been translated.
  • Separate design and translation: By using a translation table, you can translate blocks of text without having to change the design of the page.
  • Automatic translation: The plugin also offers the option for automatic translations.

To the WPML website
The CMS version is best suited for more complex websites, while the Basic version is often sufficient for simple websites.

There is a very large selection here. My current recommendation is Cookiebot, among others. It is a simple and inexpensive option among the available cookie plugins.

How to set it up yourself:

  1. Registration:
    Visit the Cookiebot website and register for an account. The cheapest version is usually sufficient.
  2. Installation:

    After registering, install the Cookiebot plugin on your WordPress website.
  3. Account linking:

    Open the plugin in your WordPress dashboard and link your Cookiebot account to your website.
  4. Banner customization:

    Log in to your Cookiebot account and personalize the look of the cookie notice banner.
  5. Cookie categorization:

    Cookiebot scans your website and categorizes the cookies it finds into “Necessary”, “Marketing” and “Statistics”, usually within 24 hours.
  6. Privacy policy:

    Insert the shortcode into your privacy policy to automatically list the recognized cookies.

Note: I do not guarantee that Cookiebot will correctly record or categorize all cookies. Its use should be checked by your data protection officer and is at your own risk.

Implementing Google’s services has never been easier. Some time ago, Google released the WordPress plugin Google Site Kit for this purpose.

Simply install the plugin and link it to your Google accounts. This completes the basic setup.

The security of your website is of the utmost importance. A clear recommendation for this is the WordPress plugin Wordfence. After installing the plugin, you create a free account on the website. As soon as it is activated, Wordfence sets up a large number of relevant security measures that provide extensive protection. The plugin also has numerous options to make the website even more secure.

Every website, no matter how big or small, should have backups. Although the host often makes its own backups, you should not rely on them. A clear recommendation for a backup plugin is the WordPress plugin UpdraftPlus.

The advantages of UpdraftPlus:

  1. Backups on your own server or in the cloud:
    You can back up your data to various cloud storage locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.
  2. Time-controlled backups:
    Set up monthly, daily or hourly backups.
  3. Easy recovery:
    In the event of a hack, server failure or human error, you can restore your WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Of course, there are numerous backup alternatives.

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