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Florian Salman, WordPress web designer

Web designer WordPress from Munich

Your web designer WordPress specialist from Munich for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Pixel perfect and sustainable. Over 10 years of experience.
5 + years
Years of experience as a developer
5 + subpages
Created with Elementor, Divi or Gutenberg
5 + Pixel
Over 100,000 pixels brought to life

My services as a web designer in WordPress

Responsive websites with Elementor, Gutenberg or Divi

A smooth experience on all devices is essential these days. This is why all websites are developed in such a way that they automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This ensures that the user experience is always optimal.

Website by design - Pixelperfekt

Precision is key when it comes to turning a design into a fully functional website. As a web designer WordPress expert, every pixel is considered to ensure that the final product exactly matches the design specifications.

Theme and plugin extension

Standard solutions are not always sufficient. Themes and plugins are therefore individually extended to integrate special functions and features that are precisely tailored to the needs of the project.

Web design with WooCommerce

The success of an online store depends on many factors. The specialized setup and customization of WooCommerce optimizes not only the functionality but also the user-friendliness of the store.

WordPress support and maintenance

A website is never really “finished”; it requires continuous maintenance and updates. I offer long-term support that includes regular security updates, bug fixes and performance optimizations. This keeps your website up-to-date and secure at all times.

My promise

As a web designer, I focus on precision, clear communication and punctuality

Much like a watchmaker who fits every little cogwheel and spring into his work, as a web designer WordPress specialist I implement your designs with the utmost precision. Every pixel, every element is in its right place to set the big picture in motion.

Clear communication is the key to successful collaboration. This way, you will always know what stage your WordPress project is at and what is coming up next.

Als WordPress Experte im Support 2023 beim WordCamp Austria
Florian Salman, web designer WordPress


World of wonders

Well-known in the field of education and entertainment. As a WordPress freelancer, I helped move the extensive Metaverse milc.
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Kunde United Games Logo

United Games

Top-class publisher of the world's best games. As WordPress developers, we have converted landing pages for game promotions to Elementor-based templates.
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Kunde Microtech Logo


As a manufacturer of ERP systems, Microtech stands for quality. We developed a comprehensive WordPress product configurator to help you find the right product.
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Kunde Bianca Zapatka Logo

Bianca Zapatka

The German pioneer in the vegan cooking scene. My role as a WordPress developer is to continuously maintain and optimize the much-visited website.
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Kunde Fünf Höfe München Einkaufszentrum Logo

Five Courtyards Munich

The luxury shopping mile in Munich underwent a seamless relaunch. We moved the website from Typo3 to WordPress and kept the design.
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Kunde Talbot Runhof Logo

Talbot Runhof

A world-famous fashion manufacturer. As a WordPress expert, I ensure the smooth functioning of WordPress-specific websites.
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Kunde Ringnaturshop Logo


Your health department store on the Internet. WordPress support and continuous development of the extensive online store characterize my work as a WordPress freelancer.
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Kunde ProsiebenSat1 Logo

ProsiebenSat.1 Media

As the largest private TV station in Germany, ProsiebenSat.1 stands for entertainment. My support as a WordPress programmer was used for the relaunch of various WordPress-related websites.

Why rely on WordPress?

User friendliness

WordPress combines an intuitive user interface with powerful functions so that even beginners can manage complex projects efficiently - provided the web designer for WordPress has created everything according to the state of the art.


With thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress is extremely customizable. This flexibility makes it possible to expand functions and designs according to individual requirements.

Versatile application possibilities

From blogs to e-commerce platforms, WordPress offers solutions for a wide range of web projects. This makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of requirements.

Active community

The large and active WordPress community of web designer WordPress enthusiasts is constantly developing new features and providing regular security updates. This ensures a robust and future-proof platform.

Customized solutions

As a WordPress freelancer, I offer you customized solutions that are functional and secure. You can also maintain your website yourself, which ensures long-term independence.

Procedure of a project

Step 1: Kick-off and planning

The first step is a thorough analysis of the scope of the project, the number of pages required and any other special requirements. This analysis enables targeted planning and creates the basis for all further steps.

Step 2: Creation of designs

If you do not yet have a design, we will create one according to your ideas and requirements. Through iterative revision, we ensure that the design fits your brand and your business perfectly.

Step 3: Content

In this section we develop all the necessary content for your website. Texts, images and videos are carefully selected and positioned to present your company and your services in the best possible way.

Step 4: Technical implementation

Your WordPress website will be programmed and technically implemented by me. Special emphasis is placed on responsiveness for various end devices, performance and compliance with current best practices in web design.

Step 5: Support

After the completion of the website, I take over the ongoing support as a web designer in WordPress. This includes subsequent adjustments, regular updates and backups so that your website is always up to date and secure.

Frequently asked questions

Responsive web design enables a website to automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This optimizes the user experience on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The duration of the website creation depends on various factors, such as the scope of the project and the specific requirements. Smaller projects can be completed within 2-4 weeks, while complex websites can take several months.

The creation of a website takes place in several phases: 1) Needs analysis and planning to clarify the objectives and requirements. 2) Design development, in which the layout and user interface are designed. 3) Programming and implementation of the functions. 4) Test phase to check functionality and user-friendliness. 5) Launch of the website and ongoing maintenance.

A page builder enables even non-programmers to easily create and edit complex layouts. It offers drag-and-drop functionality and prefabricated elements, which speeds up the development process.

Figma and Adobe XD are ideal for design creation as they combine ease of use with powerful design features and allow export of CSS for implementation. Figma enables real-time collaboration, while Adobe XD offers tight integration with other Adobe products.

SVG files are scalable without losing quality and often have smaller file sizes. They can also be manipulated with CSS and JavaScript, which allows more flexibility in design.

Whether a page builder or Gutenberg is better depends on your specific needs and skills. Page builders such as Elementor or Divi offer a wide range of ready-made elements and layouts, which can speed up the design process. They are often more intuitive for users without programming knowledge.

Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor, is more lightweight and provides a solid foundation for creating content. It is fully integrated into WordPress, which ensures higher performance and better compatibility. But it may not be as flexible or feature-rich as specialized page builders.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your requirements, the scope of the project and your personal preferences.

There are some limitations to using WordPress, including the need for regular updates and potential security risks. Some customized functions can be difficult to implement. Performance problems can also occur if the website becomes complex or is not properly optimized. It is usually worth hiring a web designer WordPress expert for this.

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